MPM proudly introduces new website

We have been working on it for a year. Spend hours in brainstorming, analysing user interactions and are finally proud to introduce our new website, based on our new online platform!

The very first edition of our website features all the components you can find on our old website, with some added sparkles and improvements. Among these improvements is a smoother experience on mobile devices, but also a better product recommendation tool. The user experience is smoother and faster. The vehicle look up goes faster and the output has increased readability and navigation.

The new website environment is only the beginning, in the following months we shall keep introducing new features and functionality. Make sure you stay up to date by following our newsletters. We have big plans and can't wait to introduce all of them!

Our new online platform also enables you to register and set up an online account. In order to comply with the GDPR and to enable us to share our data with you, we require you to create an account to give you full access to all our current and future online features our website has to offer!

We hope you enjoy your visit. Any feedback related to our new website can be directed to using 'Website feedback' as subject.

Best regards,
MPM International Oil Company

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