Additives AD04000

Professional EGR & Intake Cleaner

MPM Professional EGR & Intake cleaner is a uniquely effective high-grade product for cleaning and removing contaminants and deposits found in the air intake and EGR system. Oils, resins, lacquer and carbon deposits are rapidly dissolved with minimum effort.

Main benefits

  • Effectively cleans the EGR system, air intake, throttle valve and combustion chamber of power robbing deposits and lacquer-like components.
  • Reduces fuel consumption and emission of hazardous exhaust gases.
  • Improves engine performance, idling and starting, resulting in fuel saving and reducing malfunctions in the engine management system.


For all petrol, diesel and LPG engines with or without a turbocharger.

Application manual

Follow the instruction carefully or have an automotive repair shop carry out this treatment. A) Preventive EGR valve cleaning, intake / throttle valve deposits and combustion chamber cleaning. Shake well before use. Dismantle the air intake hose and remove visible contamination as much as possible by hand with a rag or cloth. Start the engine and wait until it has reached normal operating temperature. Partially close off the air intake entrance (approx. 75%) to increase air speed to create a better mixing of the product in the airflow and let the engine run at normal idle speed. Spray the product into the air intake in short bursts (2 seconds). Make sure the RPM is back at idle before applying the next burst. Use the complete aerosol content and keep the engine idling for at least 3 minutes, during this time increase the revs a few times (<2.500 rpm) before shutting off the engine. IMPORTANT: during cleaning via the air intake make sure to have a solid item at hand to close off the intake completely should heavy engine knocking occur. In case of engine knocking or stalling stop spraying immediately. Make sure the catalytic converter and diesel particulate filter do not overheat. B) Malfunctioning EGR or turbo with heavy carbon deposit. Shake well before use. Dismantle the parts (Turbo & EGR housing) to obtain access. Spray the product onto the deposits within the EGR housing and turbo. Let the product settle for a few minutes and repeat this when required. If needed use a brush or rag to remove any loose deposits. Make sure all parts are dry before reassembling them. Use the amount required, and use the complete aerosol content with procedure A for cleaning via the air intake in order to prevent quick repeated build-up of deposits in the EGR system. The content of one aerosol is sufficient for one treatment via the air intake or cleaning dismantled parts as per your requirements. Professional EGR & Intake Cleaner should be used regularly on engines sensitive to intake fouling and DPF saturation.

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0,2 L
per unit 6
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AD04200 0,2 L 6 - 8714293004332