Telstar and van der Laan reach agreement

Telstar and Jordie van der Laan have agreed on a contract for one season with an option for another second season. The long striker comes over from DOVO.

Last season the 24-year-old van der Laan made a big impression in the Third Division at JVC Cuijk. The striker scored 25 times and thus had an important share in the eighth place of the team from Cuijk. Jordie had agreed with Third Divisionist DOVO to come out of that in the coming season. A clause made it possible to switch to professional football.

"We are happy with Jordie's transition. The last period Jordan was able to train with the selection and he left a good impression. His footballing qualities in combination with his mentality were the decisive factors. We have been following Jordie since March and got a good impression. I wish Jordie good luck with Telstar." Tells technical director Piet Buter.

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